Feline Spotlight – Tess & Sookie

kellerThis months Feline Spotlight is Tess and Sookie. They are both domestic short hair & calico mix. They are mama (Tess) and baby (Sookie). We would like them to go together as seperation would be traumatic. See story below.

AGE: born approx 10/9/11
MICROCHIP #: 006838336
RABIES: exp. 2/13/2014
FVRCP: exp. 3/10/16



On his way to work, a Felines & Friends volunteer’s husband saw a couple of cats, SOOKIE and TESS, run across the road near Big Tesuque on the way to Ski Santa Fe. He then followed their prints in the snow and found where he thought they were hiding. He started leaving food for them until he was able to hike in with traps. Miraculously, he caught both cats on the same day he set the traps, just before the next snowstorm. They were incredibly thin, but quickly showed their rescuer that they are tame, and obviously were cruelly abandoned in the vicinity. The cats are most likely mother (TESS) and daughter (SOOKIE) and are quite bonded to one another; we are hoping to place them in a home together as a separation would be very hard on them after all they have been through! If you are interested in adopting this cat, please fill out our Adoption Application completely. In the space provided on the form, please include contact information for three (3) personal references. For more information, please visit our website at fandfnm.org.


TESS is very sweet and gentle, though, as a good mother who’s gone through an ordeal with her daughter, she is a bit more cautious of new surroundings than her daughter SOOKIE. Though she tends to hide at first, TESS will come out for feeding and some affection, and likes to be petted and held–overall she’s coming around nicely. TESS and SOOKIE love to cuddle and sleep while wrapped around each other, and take great comfort in one another. TESS is a petite and beautiful calico girl with a short coat and black patches on her chin and the right side of her face.

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