Fostering Application

Felines & Friends New Mexico Foster Questionnaire

Please print clearly and fill out completely. Please note that we conduct reference and background checks. We reserve the right to deny any application and to share information with other animal welfare organizations.

All items marked with * are required. If a question has an "other" option, you ONLY have to fill in the "other" space if you check or selected "other".

*Name: *Date: *Driver's Lic #:
*Address: *City: *Zip Code:
*E-mail: *Home Phone: Work Phone:

1. What is your primary reason for wanting to foster a cat?

2. Who shares your household? If other:

3. Are all members of the household aware, and in agreement to bring home a cat?  Yes No

4. Type of dwelling: If apartment/condo, which floor?

5. Do your doors/windows have screens?  Yes No How old are the screens?

6. Do you have a dog door?  Yes No

7. If renting, are you legally permitted to have cats?  Yes No Landlord contact #:

8. Do any adult family members stay or work at home?  Yes No

9. What is your occupation?

10. Who will be responsible for the daily care of the cat?

10a. Where will the cat sleep?

11. Would the cat be:

12. Do you (or any members of the household) have allergies?  Yes No

13. How will you discipline your cat for misbehavior?
 Newspaper Spank Swat Nose Stern Voice Squirt with water Other | If other:

14. How long can you commit to fostering?

15. How long have you lived in Santa Fe?

16. Do you consider a cat to be  a pet a member of the family both?

17. Do you have plans to travel or move in the next 6 months?  Yes No If so, when/how soon?

18. Do you plan to feed your foster cat:

19. Do you plan to buy:

20. Do you have a vet? Yes No

20a. If you answered yes to #20, what is the vets name:
20b. And his phone number:

21. Are your other pets sterilized?  Yes No, current on vaccinations?  Yes No, FELV/FIV tested?  Yes No [cats only]

22. Have you ever owned a cat before?  Yes No
22a. If yes, current status of the cat?

23. Do you have other pets now?  Yes No

24. Would you agree to a visit to your residence by one of our volunteers?  Yes No

25. Please provide the names and phone numbers of THREE references who you have known for more than a year.
First Reference: Phone Number:
Second Reference: Phone Number:
Third Reference: Phone Number:

I hereby agree that all the information contained in this application is true and correct. If any information is incorrect or false, this application will be denied.

New Mexico Chapter: 369 Montezuma Ave. #320 Santa Fe, NM 87501 (505) 316-CAT1 FAX: (888) 732-4245